2014 Juni

kommutator.info - actual version is 2.10.13

Correction of variant 1 for the CAQ edition.

2014 April

kommutator.info - actual version is 2.10.12

For some network shares the examination of file permissions does not work, so this was made switchable. The entry HKLM/Software/KnospeDMT/kommutator_info V2.x/Paths/CheckFileAccessRights must be set to = 0. Please check manually if the Windows-Account under which the program is running, write-and-read permissions has the desired drive/directory!

2014 March

kommutator.info - actual version is 2.10.11

Corrects errors in the user administration. Empty passwords for the user were not adopted. Now works.

2014 February

kommutator.info - actual version is 2.10.10

Adjustments for the communication with the SPS of the ATOP-line.

2014 January

kommutator.info - actual version is 2.10.9

Integrated way the Serial Poll of measured values ​​according to customer requirements.

2013 October

kommutator.info - actual version is 2.10.8

Correction of the circular display. By button, can be now displayed together in the diagram all the desired button values​​.

Correction for the in-process version: The output of the NIO-bits for the individual features works again.

2013 September

kommutator.info - actual version is 2.10.7

The feature "shaft roundness - polygon" is now calculated from the features of the button for "shaft roundness factor correction".

For the feature "wave roundness factor correction", the corresponding button, on which the result refers, is indicated by a green button in the selection box for the button to display values on the chart.

The probe values ​​for the two new features "wave roundness factor correction" and "shaft roundness - polygon" can be displayed in the pie chart now.

2013 September

kommutator.info - actual version is 2.10.6

For the feature "wave roundness factor correction", a correction value to the registry or INI file was integrated on demand. This can be entered under HKLM / Software / KnospeDMT / kommutator.info V2.x/CalcConfig/Shaft/ShaftRoundnessWithCorrection as a double value in microns.

2013 August

kommutator.info - actual version is 2.10.5

Change of the assignment of output for the in-process version according to the configuration view.

Correction for loading measurements. Was incorrect since version 10.0.0!

2013 August

kommutator.info- actual version is 2.10.4

New features for customer: "Wave roundness factor correction" and "shaft roundness - polygon".